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Biting off more than I could chew.

Beaverhead 55k 2017

As I settle into my campground and attempt sleep the day before race day. It usually turns out to be wishful thinking. So with maybe 2 hrs of sleep under my belt, I awake at 3:30am time to get to the bus shuttle on time to the race start on July 8th,2017. At 4:40am we are headed off to Lemhi pass to begin this journey of 34 miles. I arrive do the normal bathroom rituals and pick up my bib # which is 374. 

The countdown begins from 10 to GO! There is 200 of us feeding our crazy by this event. We run up a hill to go through a small gate through a cow field. The morning is perfect and breath taking views. The first half of this course is runnable single track other than the intial 3 mile climb to the Continental divide trail.


I hit the first aid station at mile 7.7


Very well stocked with ultra fair. I spot bacon and Pb&J's and eat and refuel my hydration pack with tailwind. 

I continue out of the aid station feeling good and plug along the single track without a hitch. 4 miles out from Gold stone aid station which is around mile 19. This is were skree mountains begin and thankfully have found a few buddies to stick with to keep me on a postive track to climb these.

Scree Fields we will cross

Finally! Hit Gold stone aid station which was a sight for sore eyes. This entire race I was just starving. I'm thinking because of all the climbing and I was using trekking poles most this race. I scarfed down two wedges of pb&j and watermelon pieces. I head out to reach Janke lake which would be my next aid station. At this point I was feeling tired and a bit warn out. I hit my first low.

The heat was hitting at this point and shade was sparse. We started approaching snow piles,which I used to stuff my bra and hat. Soooo refreshing since it wasn't getting any cooler. I felt like a whole new person. Nothing to much exciting happened other than getting to Janke lake aid station. I was excited to get to it. I loved this aid station they made us fresh quesadillas. 

It was daunting at this point we were approaching the scree field on top on mountain ridge lines. This is the most technical and biggest climbs. It was 4 miles of unstable scree and boulders. My feet were already hurting. So every step on these unforgiving rocks felt awful. I was basically trying not to die during this portion. 

I lost quite a bit of time during the scree field section. After 3hrs we were finally descending to Bohannon Creek. I was sore and tired and descent felt awful to me. I was so close! last 10 miles of this course and I knew I would be finishing. Bohannon Creek aid station had fresh berry smoothies for us which was so welcomed since we were dealing with 90+ degree heat.

Next up the last 5.5 miles which was still quite rocky and not to mention muddy due to the river over flowing onto the road. It was like that till the last 3 miles till we made it onto single track through a cow pasture. 1 mile out and had to climb a ladder over the fence to approach the finish line.

I have never cried at a finish line till now. After 12hrs and 49mins I couldn't believe I actually did it. I have quite the sun burn to prove for it. 


  1. Reading your report and preparing for the 55k this year! It's going to be a hot one! Your report is both runspirational and helpful since I haven't ran this one before..
    So thanks!


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